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Patented Impingement Aeration System

The Gold Frog is very efficient for clarifying ponds or lagoons with dense sludge due to its unique abilities. It is comprised of a Blue Frog™ base unit with an attached patented Fine Bubble Impingement Aeration System and a 10 Horsepower Turbo-Float Pump.

The impingement system fractionates large bubbles into small bubbles, resulting in a lower specific gravity of the surface water. This makes the bubbles leave the water column at a slower rate, increasing the amount of oxygen in the water used by good bacteria to thrive and cleanse the water.

The Gold Frog is used for final clarification when placed within a Continuously Stirred Tank Reactor (CSTR) at the point of discharge.

Gold Frog’s Specialized Impingement Aeration Process

Gold Frog’s impingement aeration system is used for final clarification.  The Gold Frog’s unique ability to lower the specific gravity of the surface water sinks solids four times faster; allows clean, clarified surface water to be discharged while sinking solids to the bottom for anaerobic digestion.

Gold Frog Key Features

  • Clarifies surface water before discharge.
  • Sinks solids for anaerobic digestion.
  • Rapidly oxides soluble Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD).
  • Lowers the specific gravity of surface water to 0.97.
  • Sinks insoluble BOD 4x faster.
  • Ruptures sludge cells.

Total Horsepower: 13

Requirement: Engineered float depth of 4 feet.

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