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CSTR (Bacterial Selector)

The Continuously Stirred Tank Reactor (CSTR) is a floating boom that helps concentrate the oxidation and clarification power of the various systems in a specified diameter.

The CSTR works with a Blue Frog™ unit at the lagoon influent. It is also used with a Gold Frog unit downstream to work in the clarification process.

Continuously Stirred Tank Reactor

The floating tank CSTR creates flow equalization, serves as an incubation selector tank, and performs odor suppression. The “floating tank” consists of the Blue Frog circulator encircled by a floating boom and curtain system (the CSTR) that defines the active circulation zone.

Water leaving the circulator flows horizontally along the surface, and piles up at a floating boom and curtain wall, creating a vertical downward driving force. The down-flowing water ricochets off the lagoon bottom and flows back to the circulator inlet, while simultaneously inducing a counter-current below the circulator. The water current gently mixes the available nutrients and microbes, facilitating new growth of large numbers of fermentative & anaerobic microbes. These newly produced microbes then exit the floating tank at the sludge/water interface on the bottom of the lagoon to begin the process of organic sludge digestion.

The CSTR serves a variety of functions

  • An Equalization Tank for the influent.
  • A Selector Tank for preferred indigenous microorganisms that digest sludge in situ.
  • An Incubation Tank that keeps anaerobes in constant contact with their food source.
  • An Odor Suppressor- by continuously directing raw influent and the associated odors towards the bottom of the lagoon.

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