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About Blue Frog Technologies, LLC

REVO2 Solutions is the parent company of Blue Frog Technologies, LLC.  REVO2 is a water treatment management company committed to optimizing lagoon performance.

Our team of engineers design affordable systems scaled to meet a wastewater plant’s overall project scope. The designed systems replicate the best practices of an integrated wastewater treatment plant at a fraction of the cost.


What Our Customers Think

The City of Beaver City installed Blue Frogs in August 2006. Since the installation of the Frogs the ammonia and BOD have been greatly reduced. Water clarity of the ponds is amazingly clear. The odor is almost nonexistent. We are very satisfied with the Blue Frogs and the good service the company has given us.

Dennis Chesterman, City Supervisor
Beaver City, Nebraska

On July of 2009, the City of Baker and Blue Frog Aeration Systems installed three blue frogs and one green frog aerators in the first cell of our three cell lagoons system. We did this to help solve our odor problems and reduce sludge. The week we installed aerators, our first cell was anaerobic and we had odor problems. Within five days of installation, the odor problems had stopped and algae growth had started. We also have odor problems in the spring when the ice recedes and feel that aeration will help at that time. The City is now running our facultative lagoon in a series, as they were designed. This is only after your aerators were installed. Thanks for your help with designing, installation and getting the system up and running.

Donald Hinman, Director of Public Works
City of Baker, Montana
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