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Absolute Aeration is an environmental technology firm that developed The Patented Blue Frog System Technology.  Blue Frog™ System is an innovative, affordable, sustainable solution designed to meet a wastewater treatment lagoon discharge standards at a significantly lower investment cost.

Our revolutionary technology provides a natural solution that enhances anaerobic sludge digestion, improving the function of existing lagoon systems by simply adopting new approaches and strategies.  These strategies extend the life of the lagoon by restoring the lagoon back to the original design capacity.

By shifting the focus from aerobic to anaerobic lagoon treatment strategies, lagoon owners are effectively released from the restraint of high horsepower aeration and the sludge generation.

Blue Frog System Technology represents a paradigm shift in wastewater treatment strategies.


The Blue Frog System Technology was created in 2004; led by Rick Roberts, CEO, Jim Key, Executive VP of Operations, and later joined by a third partner Chip Bettle, Executive Vice President of Engineering.

Rick Roberts owned and operated a large dairy farm. ᅠThe development of the technology was in response to ongoing wastewater management challenges faced on his farm with his manure lagoon.

Rick realized that lagoon owners and operators across the US were faced with heightened regulations, increasing operating costs, and limited access to capital.  His focus was to create an innovative technology that would improve the quality of wastewater discharged to the receiving environment by utilizing nature.

Rick realized that enhancing natural biological processes was a realistic opportunity to increase the effective treatment capacity of an existing lagoon while driving down the costs of sludge management.

Rick and his partner’s passion to improve the water quality that sustains our environment was the motivating force supporting the creation of Blue Frog System Technology.


From 2004 through 2010, Absolute Aeration focused on R&D.   During this time, Rick received a prestigious award,  “2007 Member of Distinction” by Dairy Farmers of America (DFA).   The award was based on vision, leadership and innovation in the dairy industry.


In 2011 the company initiated a soft launch to validate the technology and today they have installations throughout the United States with proven year over year documented results.

Picture:  Jim Key (L), Rick Roberts (R)


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2007 Member of Distinction Award

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