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Wastewater professionals have to deal with rising costs of managing sewage biosolids or sludge. Disposal methods such as application onto farmland or landfilling are running into increased regulatory restrictions, along with growing public concern over the long-term effects of sludge.

Many lagoon systems are more than thirty years old and are hard pressed to accommodate growth and to meet the emerging stringent discharge limitations. Excessive buildup of sludge intensifies odors and increases the effluent concentrations of BOD, TSS, nutrients, ammonia and pathogens.

The Blue Frog System Technology dramatically decreases dredging in a wastewater treatment lagoon, or a sludge holding pond through a process called biodredging.

Biodredging utilizes natural processes by which microorganisms break down biodegradable material.  Nature optimizes this process by creating a structured environment called a biofilm, where the waste from one group is handed off as food to the next group in the food chain.

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