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Wastewater treatment lagoons are the oldest and most commonly used method for treating wastewater. There has been minimal innovation to improve their processes and operations. Blue Frog system helps maximize your system’s capacity, minimize expensive dredging expenses, and lessen power consumption. Enjoy cost-savings for your municipality.

Excessive buildup of sludge in the lagoons can intensify odors and increase effluent concentrations of Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), Total Suspended Solids (TSS), nutrients like ammonia, and pathogens. Typically, organic solids from a lagoon system is removed by mechanical dredging, a costly process that negatively impacts our environment.

The Blue Frog System is a sustainable solution that mimics an anaerobic digester within the confines of the lagoon and reduces cost.

How can Blue Frog improve your Municipal Wastewater Facility?

  • Sustainable Technology
  • Utilizes natural biological processes
  • Customized modular designs
  • Digests organic sludge
  • Eliminates costly mechanical dredging
  • Increases retention time
  • Reduces BOD & TSS levels
  • Minimizes odors excursion

In short, we guarantee results!

Get a FREE preliminary design for your plant by completing our short site evaluation.

For additional information, contact Blue Frog Technologies LLC today at (888) 237-7912.

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