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The Blue Frog System (BFS) technology utilizes natural biological processes to biodredge your
lagoon system eliminating mechanical dredging. All designs are customized to meet specific
project objectives. Please complete the questionnaire to receive a design concept for your

Blue Frog System (BFS) Technology requires a 3’ engineered float depth.

Applications: Sludge Storage Ponds, Effluent Storage Ponds, Treatment Ponds, Sludge Tanks,
Oxidation Ditches, and EQ Tanks.

NOTE: All project designs require the following:

  1. A System Schematic with flow patterns.
  2. Include lagoon depths.
  3. Six months of your most recent DMR’s and a copy of your permit.
  4. Provide water analysis for influent, effluent (including nutrients).
  5. Sludge analysis report to determine TS & VS. (see below for instructions)
  6. pH levels.
  7. Explain any problem(s) unique to your facility.
  8. If you have more than one lagoon, advise if they are connected.

Please forward additional information to our customer service department: / Ph: (888) BFS-7912 / FAX: (866) 583-4160

Sludge Sample Instructions:

Please use a Sludge Judge or equivalent to take the sample. Take five samples [over the flat part of the lagoon], in each corner and in the middle. Discharge the sludge portion of each sample into a five-gallon pail. Stir the pail to make a composite sample. Send a sample to the lab for Total Solids, Percent of Volatile Solids, field pH, field temperature and ammonia. The non-volatile fraction is the fraction that is not digestible.

Complete Lagoon Dimensions

Important: Please include either a picture or engineered schematic with flow patterns.

Provide any water analysis for influent, effluent (including nutrients).

What is the available electrical supply at site?

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