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Complete an evaluation form to receive a preliminary design and budgetary proposal for your wastewater treatment plant or holding pond.


Please send the completed form to our customer service department FAX:  (866) 583-4160


Please include the following:


      A system schematic with flow patterns.

      Six months of your most recent DMR's and a copy of your permit.

      • Influent data and sludge analysis report.


Click on the links to download the evaluation form.


Municipal Evaluation Form:

English: Municipal Evaluation Form

Spanish: Formato de evaluacion municipal


Industrial Evaluation Form:

English: Industrial Evaluation Form

Spanish: Formato de evaluacion industrial


Agriculture Evaluation forms

Dairy Evaluation Form (.pdf)

Swine Evaluation Form (.pdf)


Formato de evaluacion diaria (.pdf)

Formato de evaluacion porcina (.pdf)


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A small municipality (estimated population 3,200) located in Bishop, Texas, experienced high levels of solids accumulation and ongoing challenges in meeting its discharge requirements...

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Biological Sludge Control

2007 Member of Distinction Award

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