A Simple Way to Obtain Your Blue Frog™ System


The simplest way to own your Blue Frog™ system is a Lease Purchase provided by Everest Financial Network LLC.ᅠ When cash is tight and a cash purchase or grant is not feasible for any reason, a lease purchase will accelerate the system acquisition.

In these days that emphasize and stress cash conservation there are other financial alternatives available to acquire the Blue Frog™ System.ᅠ And these alternatives are available through Absolute Aeration’s financing affiliate Everest Financial Network.ᅠ Absolute Aeration has made your term financing process far easier by utilizing the extensive banking and leasing experience offered by Everest.

Everest and its affiliates have arranged over $3.6 billion dollars of lease and loan financing for its customers.ᅠ The portfolio of completed transactions includes a wide variety of equipment and real estate for commercial, industrial, agricultural and municipal clients including wastewater project financing.

Everest’s access to capital will facilitate today’s wastewater solution and facilitate planning for tomorrow’s projects. ᅠOur underwriters can provide financing for new, upgrade, and add-on financing without limitation to the financing amount.

Project and equipment financing can range from $25,000 a simple add-on to$25,000,000+ for a multi-location series of installations. Soft costs including engineering, electrical installation, pipework, system installation, and transportation can be included in the financing.

The Municipal customer can take advantage of low-rate, tax-exempt Lease Purchase installment financing for its Blue Frog™ System.ᅠ The Lease Purchase term will be five years for a typical Blue Frog™ installation.ᅠ For larger installations, those in excess of $2,000,000, longer terms are available.ᅠ All municipal Lease Purchase financings provide the municipality with standard non-appropriation terms.ᅠ And, as a Lease Purchase does not require voter approval, it can be approved and implemented rapidly. Note that Lease Purchase payments are recorded as an expense item rather than a capital item.  Project funds, upon approval and documentation acceptance, are deposited in a Vendor Payable Account for discretionary use by the municipality.

A commercial Blue Frog™ᅠSystem solutionᅠcan be acquired by a lease purchase arrangement with all of the benefits of ownership.  Progress Payment financing is available.ᅠAnd Master lease arrangements are available for multiple installation customers.  Substantial income tax benefits are available to the commercial lessee with the passage of the December 2015 Tax Act.  For example, for a $500,000 installation the Section 179 Expense deduction is $500,000.  When acquired through an Everest Lease Purchase the 2016 cash outlay will approximately range from $9500 to $75,000 depending upon acquisition date.  See the attached Commercial Customer Tax Savings model.

The lessee’s commercial capital asset financial modeling of its Blue Frog™ᅠSystem would include attention to the2016 Section 179 Expensing, 2016 50% Bonus Depreciation, Accrued interest Deductions, Marginal Tax Rates, the Interest Rate implicit in the financing, and the owner’s Reinvestment Earnings Rate or Opportunity Cost. The optimization of these elements can result in a dramatic Lower Cost of Ownership when compared to an outright purchase. We are available to discuss the many benefits of a term purchase.



Apply Now To Take Advantage of the Lease Purchase Benefits

Step One:ᅠSelect the appropriate Credit Application form: Municipal or Commercial. Download the file to your computer.

Step Two: Complete the application.

Step Three: Email a signed copy to


For additional information: call Lee Burnett, President at 303.948.9999


Everest is here to assist, guide and close your financing request in the quickest possible time with competitive terms.


Applications and Helpful Documentation:

Infastructure Finance Planning Doc: 30 Water & Wastes Digest August 2011

Tax Example: 2016 Blue Frog Tax Example

Credit Application: Everest Municipal Credit Application

Leasing Program: Wastewater Municipal Leasing Program



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