The Blue Frog Technology was developed on a large dairy farm by a farmer (Rick Roberts and his partner Jim Key) that cared about our environment.  The development of the technology was in response to ongoing wastewater management challenges faced on his farm with his manure lagoon.


The Blue Frog System is proven to digest sludge and eliminate odors, improving air quality. States with high concentrations of CAFO's pose health and environmental risks.   While manure is valuable to the farming industry, it becomes problematic in large quantities. Today’s industrial-scale farms or CAFO’s apply their waste for crop fertilization via “spray fields” or “ground application” of untreated manure. The Blue Frog System digests the sludge so that the farms can spray cleaner and less dense, but still very nutrient rich water.


Increased clustering and growth of large farms has led to environmental concerns within many communities. There are ongoing studies by Centers for Disease Control, National Association of Local Boards of Health, and various state regulatory groups working to understand CAFO’s and their long-term impact on nearby communities.


The Blue Frog System is proven to eliminate odors, digest sludge in situ, increase the lagoon capacity, and provide cleaner flush water to the barns.


To learn more, read our Case Study - Dairy Manure Lagoons.


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