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Absolute Aeration's revolutionary Blue Frog System Technology provides a natural solution to enhance anaerobic sludge digestion, eliminating the use of chemicals.

The key to the Blue Frog System is our engineered flow patterns that select for preferred indigenous microorganisms that convert sludge into gas at the bottom of the water column.


Our experienced team of engineers design affordable engineered systems that meet specific project and financial scopes.    The system is proven to digest sludge in place, reduce BOD, TSS, and odors, while increasing the overall capacity.


The technology is suitable for a variety of applications. The modularity, effectiveness, and cost and energy efficiency present a sustainable solution for a broad range of conventional wastewater storage and treatment infrastructures.


Clients can go beyond environmental compliance to environmental sustainability.


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Tanks (Open Air)


Equalization Basins


Retention ponds


Sedimentation basins


Oxidation ditches


Leachate ponds


Sludge Holding & Holding ponds


Constructed wetlands




Irrigation Dams


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