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Absolute Aeration is a sole-source manufacturer and distributor of the patented Blue Frog Technology.

The Blue Frog System Technology is a hybrid anaerobic digestion system that creates radial outflowing currents increasing the biological activity utilizing minimal energy consumption.


Blue Frog™ System Technology is a modular System designed to meet a customer’s specific project scope.    Our patented process offers an affordable solution that increases anaerobic sludge digestion, eliminating costs associated with dredging through bio dredging organic sludge in situ and restoring the lagoon back to the original design capacity.


Blue Frog™ reduces the use of chemicals by utilizing natural biological processes, promoting environmental stewardship.  Clients are able to go beyond environmental compliance to environmental sustainability.



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A small municipality (estimated population 3,200) located in Bishop, Texas, experienced high levels of solids accumulation and ongoing challenges in meeting its discharge requirements...

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